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The Lunar Settlement Index is a living document detailing all the roadblocks and opportunities on the path to lunar settlement.

To enable a lunar future for humankind, we first have to know what stands in our way and what the best path forward is. WayPaver identifies, researches, and analyzes roadblocks to Lunar Settlement in an effort to determine the most effective way of mitigating them. As entrepreneurs and researchers are identified whose work is relevant to eliminating these roadblocks we provide strategic support and coordinate with investors, philanthropic vehicles, and experts in our network to provide assistance as they move forward.

To guide this process, WayPaver Foundation has created a database called the Lunar Settlement Index (LSI). The LSI is a living database of roadblocks to Lunar Settlement and their possible solutions. Through ongoing research and collaboration, the LSI is constantly updated as new roadblocks are discovered and other roadblocks are removed. In essence, the LSI allows us to gain a better understanding of what’s causing each roadblock and what the most effective way of mitigating it is. As the LSI evolves, it becomes a roadmap that illuminates the most effective and economically sustainable path to establishing a permanent human presence on the lunar surface.

Current Roadblocks and LSI Structure:

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